Preparing for a virtual visit:

In an attempt to keep families at home and reduce any possible exposures  to COVID-19, we are offering “virtual visits” through telemedicine technology.  While we realize that it is not ideal, we believe it is socially responsible at this time.  If during the virtual visit, your provider determines that the patient requires a face to face visit in the office, we will make arrangements for an office visit at this time.

Important Information:

  1. Virtual visits can be done using a mobile device or computer.
  2. Please make sure that your microphone and camera are enabled on your device prior to the virtual visit.
  3. If possible, please weigh your child using a home scale and take their temperature prior to your virtual visit.
  4. Please have your child with you so that the provider can see the child during the virtual visit.
  5. Your insurance company will be billed for the virtual visit just like any in office visit.

To Schedule and Complete a Virtual Visit:

1. Call Gvozden Pediatrics (410) 729-0690 to schedule a virtual visit with one of our providers.

2. A few minutes prior to your virtual visit, please sign into the site for the appropriate provider:

3. Once you sign in – you will automatically be put into the virtual waiting room until the provider is ready to “see” you.

4. On the bottom left corner, there is an option for a pre-call test.  Please take a moment to test your device and connection prior to your virtual visit with us.